A Smart Grid for Oregon

Smart Grid Oregon is now Smart Grid Northwest: http://www.smartgridnw.org

Smart Grid Oregon is a trade association that will enable, promote, and grow the smart grid industry and infrastructure in the state of Oregon.

An effective smart grid does not happen on its own. Whether you and your organization build, use, advocate for, or directly benefit from the smart grid, your membership in Smart Grid Oregon will help Oregon’s smart grid industry grow and prosper. Your involvement in Smart Grid Oregon will also help make Oregon one of the nation’s leaders in realizing the many exciting possibilities the smart grid holds for our collective energy future.

To our knowledge, Smart Grid Oregon is the first state smart grid trade association in the U.S. While our initial focus will be Oregon, Smart Grid Oregon will seek other appropriate opportunities and partners within the Pacific Northwest and beyond to expand our reach and promote the smart grid.

Why Join Smart Grid Oregon?

For years, Oregon has been a model for effective conservation and renewable resource use. Smart Grid Oregon’s intent is to advance Oregon’s smart grid industry to achieve the same prominence. Rapid progress is happening in the Northwest. For example, this past January, Battelle NW received an $88 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for smart grid initiatives with BPA and other partners. In addition to abundant hydropower, burgeoning wind and solar industries, and a long-standing conservation ethic, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest are home to a growing number of companies and organizations dedicated to fostering smart grid technologies.

Smart Grid Oregon will help participants capitalize on this remarkable foundation and accelerate the smart grid industry’s growth and reach. Virtually every other state and region hopes to do the same; through an effective Smart Grid Oregon trade association, Oregon and the Northwest have a genuine chance for regional and national leadership.



SGNW Launch  (July 24-26)

SusTech 2014  (July 24-26)

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