The Gridwise Architecture Council


The First International Conference & Workshop:

  Transactive Energy -  Implementing the Future of the Electric System

May 23-24, 2013, World Trade Center, Portland, OR


The GridWise Architecture Council, with support from Smart Grid Oregon, PNNL, BPA, CISCO, and Portland General Electric, is pleased to convene the First International Conference & Workshop on Transactive Energy in Portland, Oregon, on May 23-24, 2013.  The conference will be preceded by a GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) meeting at the same location on May 21-22, 2013.


   The Transactive Energy Conference & Workshop 2013 is organized by the GridWise┬« Architecture Council as part of its mission to further the advanced thinking about the guiding principles, or architecture, of a highly intelligent and interactive electric system.

    The goal of the conference and workshop is to bring together organizations and researchers that have been researching, developing and deploying Transactive Energy techniques and business models.

    This forum is intended to facilitate development of a Transactive Energy Framework design initiated by GridWise Architecture Council to enable accelerated adoption of Transactive Energy policy and technologies policy worldwide.

   The Conference is part of the continuing work of the GridWise┬« Architecture Council in defining Transactive Energy and developing a framework for the industry to move forward under.

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